RLD Member Benefits

The Warn Group family of brands is excited to offer our partners the opportunity to become a member of the Red Letter Dealer (RLD) program. Through offering this program we are striving to make an effective support connection to you, our front-line partners.

Here is a listing of the key features and benefits being exclusively offered to qualifying members. 

1.  2% Points/credits earned for The Warn Group products purchased - 
Make your product purchases through distribution same as usual, then submit a digital file of your receipts through the online Red Letter Dealer (RLD) Purchase-Credits Site via email. Your earned credits will be calculated and added to your registered account where they can be used to obtain branded merchandising, or branded clothing items. Dating of eligible purchase receipts begins upon your program membership approval. There are a variety of ways to earn added credits as well. Just register and log into the site by clicking the menu button.

2. The Warn Group Training Academy
Now you and your staff can enroll in the online training, available 24/7, and always being expanded with essential content. Each individual employee can easily register to begin their own personal training program to learn about The Warn Group brands of products. This site will continually get refreshed and expanded to provide our many selling partners with the knowledge to represent the brands. Individuals can progress through various curriculums, test for retention, and then earn credits that can be redeemed for a variety of goods. Log in and register today to get started expanding your knowledge.

3. Event Incentives
Events are an excellent venue to create enthusiasm for user applications, products, retailers, and brands. As manufacturers, we are always looking for ways to better connect and interact with our customers on both sides of the retail counter. Throughout the year we will be reaching out to RLD membership with opportunities to engage both with us, and with your customer base. More to come on this in 2024!

4. Marketing Support/Resources
You will gain access to The Warn Group Media Library, which includes logos, product and lifestyle photo imagery, content, and branding guidelines for use in your creation of advertising, promotions, websites, and social media. You can also contact the Marketing team for any particular needs.

5. Member Designation on Dealer Locator 
Red Letter Dealer (RLD) members are specially designated on the dealer locator to make customers aware of those in their area. Dealer and jobber services as well as The Warn Group brands supported will be listed for members. All MAP guidelines and account standings apply.

6. Direct Email with Product Announcements 
RLD members will receive regular communications from The Warn Group through email. These will include noteworthy product or company information. You will have the latest news and updates that help you navigate your business as it relates to our family of brands. Promotions, pricing, activities, and coming attractions in timely fashion.

7. Exclusive Promotions Access 
Periodically, any or all of The Warn Group brands may push select product promotions out through distribution, which are exclusively available to Red Letter Dealer (RLD) members. These may include limited-time special pricing, purchase incentives, or exclusive product offerings. When this occurs, we will post the promotion within the Red Letter Dealer site, and/or contact members through email. Stay tuned!

8. Merchandising/Display Options 
These assets are an essential part of any retail business, and we are currently working to develop a cost-effective solution for our partners. This plan will roll out in early 2024, and will be designated for the Red Letter Dealer members. In the meanwhile, if you have constructive input on preferences, needs, and suggested offerings please email them to channelmktg@warn.com. It is our intention to offer effective solutions for your retail needs.

More to come!  
We realized we had to start somewhere with what we could offer our RLD partners. The above represents what we felt we could deliver and service while we recruit and grow the membership. Going forward we will adapt, modify, and grow the program to keep it beneficial to the success of the members.


For both Truck and Powersports businesses, to become an Authorized Red Letter Dealer member the business must meet the following requirements:

1. Minimum $10k purchases of The Warn Group brands annually
If you currently sell one, or more of the brands we are requiring that your business purchase at least $10,000 in their products collectively.

2. Brick and mortar retail location(s) operating regular business hours
You are required to maintain an established place of business where you can best represent and sell the products to your customers. 

3. Established and respected in local area 
Good business is just good business. We require our channel partners to be in good standing in the communities they service.

4. Adhere to all UMP pricing policies  
You are required to follow these policies as they are outlined and provided to you. If you fail to follow them, you risk at a minimum of being suspended from the program.

5. Actively promote The Warn Group brands you sell 
We expect that you include our brand(s) in your customer directed communications. This can include retail signage/merchandising, displayed product, website, and social media. We offer promotional support assets as well.

6. Offer installs of The Warn Group products you sell 
To be a Red Letter Dealer member you need to offer services to do proper installations of products sold. This helps to ensure the customer not only can purchase quality products, but they can have the opportunity to have you install it as well.

RLD Program FAQ

Here are answers to some of the most asked questions about membership and the program:

Q: Do I have to carry all four brands of products?
A: No. Naturally, we would hope to have all brands involved where appropriate, but we do not require RLD members to sell all brands.

Q: Do I have to sell the minimum of $10K annually of each of The Warn Group brands that I sell?
A: No. The $10K minimum is made up of the total of sales within all brands that you carry.

Q: When can I being submitting eligible receipts for credits?
A: Upon program membership approval you will receive an email with the Credit Site registration information. Your WD purchase receipts with dating corresponding with your RLD membership approval dating or after are eligible. 

Q: How are my purchases tracked?
A: Dealer and Jobber RLD member purchases are tracked through your WD purchase receipts that you submit as a digital file via the online email address. Once submitted, the receipts are processed for qualifying Warn Group products, and earned credits applied accordingly.

Q: How do I receive my earned purchase credits?
A: Once you are a qualified RLD member, you can go the RLD web page to create your business account in the “Member Purchase-Credits” function. You will be instructed on how to submit your purchase receipts and how the credits are earned/redeemed.

Q: Can anyone take the product training?
A: At this time the product training is not open to everyone. It is limited to RLD membership and their retail staff as well as some other channel partners in the industry. Once your business is qualified for membership, you and your staff will receive email invites to register for the training. The site will instruct users on how to utilize the training.

Q: Are International customers eligible to join the RLD?
A: Not offered at this time.

Q: How does this program work with businesses having multiple store locations?
A: Each store location must qualify individually under the $10k annual minimum.

Q: Do I ever have to renew my RLD membership?
A: The membership will be reviewed by The Warn Group annually and circumstances will be addressed as warranted. Any interim policy violations, or account standings will be addressed as warranted throughout.

Q: Can Powersports dealers participate in the Red Letter Dealer program?
A: Yes absolutely! We respect all of our many Powersports dealers and encourage you to join the program to take advantage of the benefits.





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